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Welcome to Bethel Pentecostal Church Of God

Greetings to all in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Rev. Samuel Chacko and the congregation of Bethel Pentecostal Church of God welcomes you.
Looking for a way to get more connected? We are a Christ-centered community, building healthy congregation, committed to reaching our city, state, and the world.

Our Pastor

Pastor Samuel Chacko

Rev. Samuel Chacko has been serving the Lord for the last 25 years as a full time minister with a burden for the perishing souls. He is an anointed servant of God who preaches the Christ crucified with great passion…

What We Believe

We celebrate Christ’s message of love and acceptance as a precious gift to be shared. Use it to uplift yourself and others. We are God’s children. God loves us for who we are and celebrates our diversity!

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ to the perishing souls of the world as commissioned by Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 18-20, Mark 16: 15, Luke 24:46-49).

Our Location

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